In this book, you’ll learn about the people who introduced the “Neolithic revolution” to the world. Beginning 15,000 years ago, there was a cultural community of Black people who traveled far and wide, introducing the world to major changes. These changes would pave the way for modern civilization. Specifically, you’ll learn about: The unknown history of Egypt, Nubia, the Sahara, and West Africa. The science of the massive stone monuments, temples, and pyramids we find throughout the world. The ancient Black origins of farming, writing, metal-working, pottery, fabric-weaving, modern government, modern trade and economics, and many other features of modern civilization. The story behind the first civilizations of the Americas and if they really did have “Black visitors” long before Columbus. The Black history of ancient China, Japan, and Indonesia. The advanced city-planning used by the Black civilizations of ancient Crete, Egypt, and India, who had sewers, flushing toilets, and aqueducts more than 4,000 years ago. The reason why our ancestors started farming and breeding animals. Why our ancestors were worshiped as Black “gods” or “immortals” nearly everywhere they went. hat this history can teach us, and how we can apply these lessons to our present and future.

When the World was Black Part Two: Ancient Civilizations


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