Neely never knew a world without limits. There was always a boundary, always a line she couldn't cross. She heard her parents speak about life before the walls. It sounded like a great way to live. It sounded a lot like freedom, but behind the perimeter of Zone 7, even the thought of escaping was a crime. One president had come along and changed the way people interacted forever. People lived behind barricades. The walls seperated each race. The walls kept people safe, but to an adventurous 17 year old Neely, they made her feel trapped. After meeting a group of teenagers from other zones on the interscope, a new age internet, Neely decides its time to break the rules and venture outside of her zone. Fearless and determined, Neely sneaks out and meets friends who are so different from her that it's mind blowing. When their night of rebellion turns into a fight for justice, they must prove their lives matter and that when people come together miraculous things can happen. 

The Girl Behind The Wall

    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore