One foot in and one foot out…

Something we all can relate to. But life is all about choices right? We have to make many tough decisions every day, and life is no different for Joshua “Voodoo” Briggs.
This story chronicles the life of  Voodoo and his friends as they navigate through the tough, gritty, and rough streets of Uptown New Orleans. Committing his life to a world of crime, the main character’s loyalty is tested as he discovers love and a new way out of the drug and crime infested hoods of the 504.
The pleading cries of a concerned mother. The needed attention of a yearnful lover. The bond of brotherhood and endless calling of the streets. Newly presented opportunities that may require you to leave behind some of those you love. Some say the decision is easy, but what would you do if you had one foot in and one foot out?

The Come Up