It takes only a few high-quality stocks for a stock portfolio to make the big money. Finding winning stocks is a skill that any serious investor can learn, says Fred Kobrick, veteran stock picker and legendary mutual-fund manager. In The Big Money, Kobrick draws on a lifetime of investing experience to show how he identified four qualities that reliably predict which companies will thrive and grow, producing outsize stock returns.

Kobrick explains how the four qualities of winning companies -- business model, assumptions, strategy, and management (known collectively as BASM) -- are a touchstone for successful investors. They are the key to repeatability, the ability to keep producing success. BASM is important for blue-chip and young companies alike.

Once investors have identified companies with great potential, Kobrick shows them how to use his Seven Steps to financial success to manage their portfolios. All of these principles are embedded in Kobrick's insightful and often entertaining anecdotes.

The Big Money is a book no serious investor can afford to be without.

The Big Money

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