Today is Shea Buttah Johnson’s first day of school at the Holistic School For Performing Arts and Science. Here, Shea meets her new teacher Ms. Sage and a host of new friends called “ The Herbal Kids”. (Almond Joi Jones, Ginger Root Robinson, Kwanza Ujima Davis, and Thurgood James). Together, The Herbal Kids spend their day with learning about fruits and vegetables. Why it is important to consume them in your diet? Respect for classroom rules and their culture. During their lunch hour, Mr. Pomegranate stresses the importance of safety in the cafeteria and lunch time etiquette. Shea Buttah and The Herbal Kids are sassy, cool, fun loving, community orientated, and inquisitive about learning. These children enjoy school. Their love for life to see things in color will assist the next generation of leaders, innovators and thinkers. The Herbal Kids story was created with intentions to bring families together with reading again. Understanding the importance of healthy eating. Healthy friendships. Love for Self. As well as their community.

Shea Buttah’s First Day of School