Why does society tell me that I can only love one partner, while I feel that I can love multiples? From Ancient China to Africa to the world over people have openly engaged in multiple intimate relationships.
This book teaches men & women to successfully handle polyamory in relationships.
Handling multiple women is not simply about seducing women, however, this book gives the reader an exact template showing what it takes to love freely successfully. Including what it takes to let her love freely as well.
There is an inner game to the magic of polyamory as well as an outer game. As a man, you have to have a certain mindset, internal strength, and character to handle & maintain multiple healthy open relationships with women and to let them do the same. This book tells why and how.
The author Dwayne Mooney leads a polyamorous lifestyle and has multiple loves. This gives him great insight into his subject matter with personal experiences that help shape the context of this book.

Not to be confused with polygamy, polyamory is a freedom-based philosophy; and openness for romantic involvement, friendship or deep love + commitment with more than one person at the same time. It's about freedom in love.

This book teaches the mindset needed for transitioning into open relationships and leaves its readers with strong tools; the fortitude for men to act out the alpha male and for women the powerful feminine; who is also free to love multiples.
This guide helps any man with any relationship with a woman. This book also helps women find the power to love multiples while channeling the power in femininity.
After examining this short and powerful read the reader understands how to gain freedom from emotional blocks like control, jealousy, fear and more in relationships.
Readers walk away feeling empowered with tools and a method to begin a mental paradigm shift. Readers are enabled to change the destinies of their relationships forever.
Additionally, Sacred Man helps those seeking success in monogamous lifestyles or even singles looking for dating secrets. The mindset and internal vibration of the polyamorous are in fact the same that monogamous lovers must take on to heal the often fractured state of their relationships.
This book has the power to save marriages from divorce. The reader is empowered immediately. Women want leaders, strong men. Grasping this strength is easier then some think. Its a mind-shift... They don't want their men to act out overtly feminine qualities within the relationship. (like wild feminine emotionalism) Likewise, men crave femininity...
This book is no joke. It is a great, power-packed short read.

Sacred Man: A man's guide to successful Polyamory Relationships