The NEVER-BEFORE published success principles of America's most infamous drug kingpin--Rick Ross, from internationally-published, gold medal-winning author Kolie Crutcher! 🏅

When Freeway Ricky Ross was released from federal prison in 2009, he had something that no other drug kingpin--not Griselda Blanco, not El Chapo, and not Pablo Escobar had--the freedom to openly pass along the secret of how he turned $125 into a billion-dollar cocaine empire.

In The 21 Keys of Success, Rick Ross' formula for getting money has been broken down into 21 unfailing principles.

So if you've ever tried and failed, been disappointed and heartbroken by your attempts to "make it", the hidden key that unlocks the door to your greatness is within the pages of this book.

And here's a clue: Whether your business is legal or illegal, SUCCESS... IS DOPE!

Ridin With Rick The 21 Keys Of Success

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