The prison system is a tough place to through by itself, but when you add gangs, drugs, and money to the mix, things are destined to get rougher. In a dog eat dog world, no one wins.

When Indian walks into the penitentiary with a two year bit, he's thrown into the mix of things right away. Shit really hits the fan when the whole prison system turns their fangs against the bloods.

Dead Man Inc., the Black Guerilla Family, the Crips, and even the Muslims zone in on the bloods. However, when the illegal drug and sex trade is revealed by the head of Maryland's D.O.C. Gang Task Force, he notifies the F. B. I.   

With the FEDS lurkin, Baltimore prepares for its first major gang RICO indictment. Love, Loyalty, Respect and Death Before Dishonor will be put to the test.

Come take a walk through a twisted tale of suspense, gang bangin, money, murder and a nonstop, page turning reality.

Penitentiary Incarcerated & Gang Affiliated Gangs, Drugs, and Money