Derrick M. Guest’s coming of age story as a black youth covers his life as a kid raised in the South Bronx of New York City by a poor, working-class, religious mother and an alcoholic father. During the '80s and mid-'90s, his neighborhood was plagued with poverty, the crack epidemic, and violence. Despite feeling like an underdog in his family and community Derrick strives for success by attending college and becoming a playwright. Derrick's success may be derailed because of his love affair with an older woman married to an abusive husband. Follow his story as Derrick overcomes one obstacle after another on the road to becoming a successful husband, father, and businessman. Opportunity Knocked Next Door - My American Dream, Becoming a Successful Man is a memoir based on the life of Derrick M Guest.

Opportunity knocked Next Door, My American Dream Becoming A Successful Man


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