Have you ever wondered what a real relationship looks like? Most people search the globe looking for someone they are compatible with. At the risk of finding love, some people are willing to endure physical and verbal abuse just to keep the relationship together. At what point do you re-evaluate the relationship? Physical abuse is the act of a person harming someone else. However, most people believe that it is a sign of true love. An abusive relationship is just like being a patient committed to an institution, wearing a straight jacket. In this straight jacket, the arms are tied behind the back with no way for a person to harm themselves. In other words, you are bound and cannot get out. This book is a personal testimony of a relationship that felt like a straight jacket. Although the relationship should have ended, there was something that kept us coming back to each other. My Straight Jacket chronicles a relationship that was riddled with a roller coaster of emotions. The question is, how to become released and unbound from an abusive relationship?

My Straight Jacket

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