Antonio is fed up with the drug game. Although the riches he's acquired from it has helped him give his family a beautiful lifestyle, it seems to have all been in vain as he watches his family begin to crumble. His son Tre is up to no good, trying desperately to emulate the lifestyle Antonio has risked his life to shield him from. As he struggles to clean up the dangerous mess Tre's made, he doesn't realize his daughter Tiffany may be in just as much danger as her brother. Pedro is out for revenge and the man he's sent to execute that revenge is closer to Tiffany than anyone could have imagined. Antonio’s eighteen-year-old daughter Tiffany, is in love. But with any love, there is always sacrifice. The man she loves is deeply in the streets and Tiffany has no idea. Not until she's unknowingly thrust right in the middle of a brewing war. When blood outweighs right, wrong, and love, what's a girl to do? Watch the drama unfold in this explosive story of Love and War. 


Love & War

    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore