King is a quiet soldier living on the golden sunflower shores of Peace Island in the nation of Kasai. He dreams of a normal life, but when an old ability of having visions wakes up inside of him, he sees a great destruction will soon befall his island. After alerting Peace Island’s ruler, he concludes the destruction King saw, was not an act of God, but by a man playing God. Thus, King and his friends are sent from their secluded island to the head region of Kasai, to inform the Emperor. But, their basic carrier service mission gets turned upside down when Peace Island’s princess, Luna, secretly tags along; and with her an unknown entity that holds many secrets and truths of Kasai and the man playing God. The entity prompts the three to quickly mature after realizing the destruction lies and deceit can cause, especially lies that have spread over a generation. For lies of a generation never stay buried nor do they come back as calm waves.

King of Zara