Joanna Pierre is back on the streets, committed to better utilizing her time, mind, and talents. Focused on the future, and oblivious of tension, she’s rocked when a pair of goons pay her a fated visit. Destiny’s defined by decisions. Rising from the ashes of depression and pill addiction, JoJo focuses on healing, reconciling with family, and establishing legit businesses. Why then, would she resume old practices?A friend in need remains her Achilles’ heel.The flood of emotions, following a chance encounter, catch her off-guard, and test her boundaries. Though her body craves stimulation, her mind and heart, dread the tribulations. Does the history that bind them, prevent reunification? Undoubtedly,—but this isn’t just any man. Dax is the standard by which all suiters are measured. Her first crush, biggest regret, and the addressee of hundreds of un-mailed love letters.One lie can ruin a thousand truths. Gripped by fear of rejection, yet aware time is running out, JoJo scrambles to right wrongs, and honor promises, before happiness eludes her, yet again. In JoJo: Part Two, readers encounter characters from JoJo: Part One and After the Reign: A Baltimore Love Story. Contains the dark themes, triggers, explicit content. Mature audiences only.

JoJo (Part Two)

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