With a paternity shrouded in secrecy—Joanna Pierre feels reviled by her bourgeoisie grandparents. Though she wants for nothing, material comforts do little to quell her longing for meaningful connections. She stumbles upon her late mother’s diary, and while she cherishes the discovery, she hates the disturbing revelations contained. Sick and tired of rejection, indifference, and lies, she leaves home, vowing to never return again. After finding a glimmer of happiness, the love of her young life abruptly disappears. Traumatized, homeless and bound by a tragic secret, she and two equally hapless souls escape to “B-More” for clean slates and obscurity. Will she perish or persist? With only a QP of weed, her boyfriend’s clothes, and ambition, she sets out to make her clique famous. To rise above her confines, and feed the family, she enters a realm dominated by shifty chicks and heartless felons. It’s only when her world spirals out of control that accepts she is her own worst enemy. In JoJo: Part One, readers encounter characters from After the Reign: A King Who Lost His Crown.(Sold Here)

JoJo (Part One)