A must read novel! You ain’t read nothing until you read this action-packed filled with suspense novel. Inspired by a true story: This is a dramatic/exceptional story of love, sex, passion, murder, betrayal, drugs and politics….. This novel will take you on a bizarre twist as Ace Capone, leader of a $25 million dollar violent drug trafficking organization is subject to a federal investigation. This classic novel is a very suspenseful page turner that will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat, anxiously wondering what’s going to happen next. You will see the game for what it’s worth from all angles, and feel this unique story from different character’s point of views. Discover the life of what it’s like as the boss’s wife, and the consequences of simply choosing to be the girlfriend on the side. Witness how the investigation starts…from the government agents, prosecutors, and the snitches who all conspire to take down Ace Capone and his entire organization. The street game is like a big game of chess, your next move is your best move! Learn the game by reading this sure to be one of the realest best sellers thus far. Strategize or experience the consequences of the streets in full view if you’re in the game, and were fortunate enough to escape self-destruction thus far. Life in prison?...Death before dishonor?...Who will die?...Who will live?...Who really wins?...Who really loses?...Who will "GO HARD"?

GO HARD - The Takedown of Ace Capone