In Ghetto Bastard III, the third installment of Russell Vann’s memoir series, his compelling, courageous, and empowering life story comes full circle.Fight! Fight! Fight! Malik Russell has been fighting his whole life. Now, he literally has to fight for it. After outrunning fate and creating an existence outside the ghetto for himself and his family, Malik is diagnosed with an incurable illness. This makes him realize that some aspects of living in the ghetto were a frame of mind. As if that isn’t enough for this survivor, Malik must encompass every lesson he’s ever learned from his abusive and unsettling upbringing to outwit the very person who personifies the meaning of the word ghetto—his mother.There are no guarantees in life, but there’s even less when you’re born a ghetto bastard. Will Malik find the inner strength to hold onto life beyond the ghetto? And, even if he does, will he beat the odds and reap the rewards of living honestly, of being loved?

Ghetto Bastard 3


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