A former ex- convict describes the life-changing experiences he confronted while doing a 13- year prison sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. From eye opening encounters with some of the toughest inmates in the penal system, to lessons learned from the merciless correctional officers, Keidrain Brewster shares the jewels of wisdom that changed him from an uncaring & ruthless gangster, to a motivated & successful business owner. With a riveting collection of real messages from inmates still currently incarcerated, he offers a look inside to the side of prison that is never really portrayed; the vast amount of men that aspire to gain knowledge as well as educate each other as much as they can behind the walls. An inspirational true story of a young man's journey of mistakes, failures, and trial and error as he relentlessly applied the invaluable education he received on the prison rec yard, to his new life in the real world!

From the Rec Yard to the Streets


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