As an authentic search to understand what was going on in the minds & hearts of Black men in order to produce what I thought would be a documentary that looked at Black men through the lens of empathy. The idea was birthed from the honest and transparent conversations with my husband about my own behavior, expectations, and assumptions. I began to take a hard look at myself and my own behavior toward Black men over the course of my life and realized that I had missed the mark in several areas. The more clarity I gained, the more I sought after other Black men who would share their perspectives.  The result of many of those conversations was the realization that Black men were holding in feelings, emotions, and experiences that were often eating them alive and many of us - myself included - had not taken the time to listen, to hear, to understand. After making a personal commitment to create safe space (via social media) for Black men through consistent affirmations, heartfelt apologies, and thought-provoking questions, and receiving engaging feedback, encouragement, and personal testimonials from Black men, I decided to publish Dear Black Men: Affirmations, Questions, & Apologies That You May Not Have Heard. This book is a healingcommunication, and connection tool. It allows Black men to dive into topics that are barely addressed in our communities and provides self-reflection for those who dare to open its pages. It can be used as a facilitation tool for intimate groups and couples. It is guaranteed to unearth suppressed and hidden places.

Dear Black Men