"I'd like to welcome you to Contrary to Popular Belief. This book is derived from personal experiences; things I have pondered and many conversations I have had with brothers about some of the misconceptions that are prevalent in society. Some of these social colloquialisms we have bought into are simply not true; hence the title.

So let me tell you what this book isn't; this book isn't about men bashing women. This book isn't the ultimate relationship guide nor is it a book telling sisters how to keep a man. This book is a myth buster disspelling some of the societal untruths that have plagued men. This book gives insight and maybe even hindsight into the hearts and minds of men. This book shows that men aren't much different than women and often times want the same things, they just go about them differently. This book is straightforward yet empathic and contrary to what you might believe."

Contrary to Popular Belief

    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore