Meet Chronicle, a ruthless and ambitious young hustler aiming his sights on conquering the drug game and building a criminal empire at all costs. We take a look into his upbringing and learn how Chronicle received his rites of passage from the streets at a very young age. Growing up in the hood of Southwest Philly through the 80's and 90's taught Chronicle that anything and anyone can be used as a pawn to accomplish his goals. He is highly intelligent, seductive and has a cold-blooded drive for success. What will happen when Chronicle faces off with the streets, a powerful and dark Vodoo priestess, the Italian Mob, the Feds and his own demons. Will his conniving, cold, calculating ways lead him to unrivalled success or will narcissism, lust and manipulation be his downfall?  It's easy to get lost in his story as you come face to face with Chronicle's crew, and his many seductresses each and every character is unforgettable and every scene is more intense. Please be prepared for graphic sex, profanity and scenes of horrific violence as they are vividly portrayed. This is not your average urban literature, this is a one of a kind street novel of epic proportions. You have read stories about the streets before but never one quite like this. 

Chronicle by Black Mamba