Built to Outlast the Storm: The 12 Points to Turning a Setback into a Major Comeback is a MUST have manual for those experiencing any kind of life adversity. Author Jamila T. Davis teaches readers how to shift their mindset and do the internal work to discover the divine purpose of obstacles and how to position them to become their stepping stool for success. “You can overcome any adversity and land back on top! There is a reason that you are still alive. You were built to outlast the storm!” – Jamila T. Davis In Built to Outlast the Storm, author, CEO and Ph.D. student Jamila T. Davis draws on her own incredible life experiences, as she achieved the pinnacle of success as a millionaire celebrity advisor for high-profile athletes and hip-hop artists and then quickly fell to the darkest depths of despair when she was incarcerated in federal prison for 12 years, to offer you a powerful and ‘real-world-tested’ 12 steps plan that will help you to overcome adversity, use your faith for self-healing, and turn any obstacle into a stepping stool for ultimate success. In this inspirational, but practical self-help book for women and men, Davis outlines the road map she used to survive over a decade in federal prison. Not only did she successfully complete her prison term, but she also used prison as a launchpad for her personal and business success. Behind bars, she became the author of many books, received multiple college degrees, and became the co-founder of a nonprofit organization. Her mind-blowing life story has been featured in Forbes and on popular shows on CBS, BET, and VH1. In this revolutionary self-motivation book for women and men, you will learn:

•How to use Davis’ game-changing 12-Point Plan to overcome adversity, turn discouragement into positivity and give anybody the tools that you need to power through any low point in your life, even if you suffer from low self-esteem, self-doubt, PTSD, or been in destructive relationships

•How to change your perception and perspective, so that you can take control over what you believe•How to develop powerful tools, like positive affirmation skills, meditation techniques for clearing your mind, and a can’t-lose mindset to destroy common set-backs like divorce, incarceration, death of a loved one, addiction, bad relationships, job loss, and bankruptcy… and get you back on your feet and reaching for new heights

How to use Christian inspiration, or your religion’s higher power to develop a life-changing crutch to lean on when you feel tired or hurt. Learn how to trust God again, and start living your life after the pain subsides!

•How to change your point of view when life seems hopeless and figure out what you can do to make everything better and find happiness. Built to Outlast the Storm is the ultimate game-changer. Step-by-step, readers are empowered and encouraged so that you can turn any setback into a major comeback!

Built to Outlast the Storm