Blake is a grown woman with the receipts to match! 14 years into her marriage to the “Clap back King” Pastor Ryan, Blake has nothing left to give. After moving out of their home and leaving her post as the First Lady of GLC, Blake is determined to live her life. After Ryan’s attempts to patch things up, the fabric of their lives continues to tear. Tasting her independence from Ryan and the suffocating expectations of the church, Blake comes alive. Blindsided by a devastating blow, Ryan self-destructs. Divorce, death and deception spin their life altering threads as the plot thickens. This true to life story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as a new Blake, a new Ryan and a new normal emerge. You’ll be hooked from the gut punching opening to the high-priced end. The original cast of characters return as A. Michele paints a sobering picture of interpersonal relationships. Blake is the 8th novel from Author A. Michele Henderson and her first of the new decade.


    Urban Reads Bookstore-Baltimore