Anything Goes is an urban novella of a typical day in Baltimore. This is not your average story that you may be used to reading. It's more like a movie on paper, full of dialogue. Now the dialogue will be a little different. "Anything Goes" is about two brothers (Skeeta and Pj) and their two homeboys (Vic and Josh). Skeeta is the oldest between him and Pj. While fighting the struggles of fully growing into a man Skeeta sees himself as a pimp. Anything Goes when it comes to him and his women. He will tell them whatever sounds good to get what he wants out of them. Some girls are not the girls to play with though. His girlfriend Toya is one in particular. Toya wants Skeeta to be that loving guy that all girls want, but he's a wild animal and needs taming. Find out how Toya tames Skeeta and if it works or not.

Anything Goes