Scion has a plan to take over Harm City, block by block. Living in a heartless world of killers, freaks, snakes, and fiends, he never imagines finding a queen. Renita is a beautiful, college-bound dreamer, who craves far off adventure. She’s immediately smitten when the handsome, yet dangerous stranger, walks back into her existence. In his arms, she feels safe and secure. Her affection makes him stronger. With each other’s love, the future looks promising. When his reign is challenged by unforeseen threats, Scion bucks, forgetting every choice has a consequence. Phat asses, foreign whips, and ménages à trois cost. Loved ones die, frenemies emerge, and gains come, with greater losses. Where's the love when you're down and out? Day by day, he learns the truth- money can't buy trust, inner peace, or gratitude. When the empire’s crumbling, what’s a king to do? Burn it to the ground, fight, or lose his crown? What would you choose? It contains dark themes, triggers, explicit content. 

After the Reign: A Baltimore Love Story